The Lori Borgman protest continues

Dateline: Mon 05 Jan 2009

There were two letters to the editor in last Tuesday's Star, protesting the removal of the popular, humorous and family/values-oriented columnist.

Today marks the one-week anniversary of her disappearance, but as she herself said, she did not died -- the Star simply changed courses.

Nonetheless, readers remain upset. Here's a letter sent last week by a Star reader -- but perhaps not for long -- re: the decisions made by executive editor Dennis Ryerson:


It's with disappointment that I write to you.

My wife and I are longtime subscribers of the Indianapolis Star(more than 20 years).One of her great pleasures of receiving the newspaper was regularly reading Lori Borgman's column.

My wife, Joan, always looked to Lori for a little humor and insight into raising a family and managing a husehold. Joan enjoyed her regular "visits" with Lori - just as if Lori lived down the block - and also felt that she had watched Lori's kids grow up.

A few years ago, Lori also dropped by our church and met with the Mom's

Group. She was charming, funny, down to earth and pleasant. She sold a few books that day, made a few friends, and generated a world of goodwill for the Indianapolis Star.

So now the Star has decided to drop Lori Borgman's column.

I understand the economics of newspapering - having spent 15 years as a working reporter.

I could live with the gutting of an experienced, energetic staff that had insight, intelligence, history, and a feel for the city and state; I could live with the ever-shrinking local news hole; I could live with the

reduction in local news and political coverage; I could live with the

dropping of insightful nationally syndicated columnists and features; I

could live with the vapid drivel of local columnists who write about whether it's permissible to buy and return a dress for a job interview; I could live with the copy-and-pasting of news releases into "news stories" without a second thought; I could live with dropping the stock market listings; I could live with the front-page ads; I could l live with the illustrative stock photos instead of actual staff pics; I could live with the nearly full-page "photo features" that are comprised of four or five stock photos and two or three paragraphs of copy pulled off the Web.

I could even live with your weekly attempts to tell me how a smaller, less experienced, (cheaper) local newsroom staff, combined with a shrinking news hole, smaller pages, less news, fewer columns, bigger headlines, shallower coverage, larger pics, and shorter stories somehow - somehow - can magically provide me with a better newspaper.

But I can't live with a woman who doesn't get to read Lori Borgman.

And since I can't drop my wife, I may just drop that which disappoints her -- and that's the Indianapolis Star.

James W. Grass"

To read Lori's latest column, posted today, go to her blog:


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