Gannett: a lousy place to work -- no duh

Dateline: Thu 01 Jan 2009

Thanks to blogger/reader Justin McLachlan who on Tuesday sent a link to his blog revealing -- gasp -- that Gannett is rated as one of the worst 50 places to work in the U.S., according to an employee survey by

Gannett was no. 36 in the lousy lineup; it was beaten out by DHL Express and United Airlines (Nos. 1 and 2 respectively). You can see from McLachlan's blog "Justin McLachlan (that guy who writes)" what the crietria are, as well as the rating for Gannett's CEO Craig Dubow -- the dude got a 19 percent approval by Gannett employees. Which probably means that 19 percent of Gannett staff are emnloyed in top management slots in corporate HQ.

Gannett has, however, turned ruining newspapers almost into a science. That's where they really score.

In case you missed the reader ad in yesterday's Taste section, the Star formally announced its massive changes that will start Monday -- there will be only three sections (A, Metro/State and Sports). Biz will bump in the back of metro/state, and features will move, lock stock and barrel, to classified, a total afterthought.

In the final ironic twist of No Foundation All the Way Down the Line, the features section will be renamed Extra, which is what it was called when the Star and the News merged -- Extra was the clever moniker for the News' feature pages.

Hell's bells, they did not even bother to come up with a new name (but why should they, since is the up and comer?)

Or as one former reporter said, "Indiana Living (as Gannett had called its feature sections) made no sense...there was nothing about Indiana in it, since it was all wire." Hence, some concur: Extra is a better fit.

As to links to McLachlan's blog and Glassdoor, here they be:


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