When a crazed Curious George morphs into the prez...it's not good

Dateline: Thu 19 Feb 2009

The first lesson regarding the incensed "pet" chimpanzee that viciously attacked a woman visitor at its owner's home and "ripped off her face" is: Dysfunctional elderly women should stick to cats. Or, anybody who lives with a chimpanzee in her home, and is not a (famous) anthropologist or a youthful and completely sane primate researcher, is nuts. Period.

By the same token, any newspaper editorial cartoonist who compares the dead chimp (shot down by cops after the attack in Stamford, Conn.)to the president of the United States is a fool.

The punchline, in case you missed this cartoon from the New York Post Wednesday, is delivered by one of the two officers standing over the body of the lifeless chimp, lying in its own blood: "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill."


Who knows what was in the head of Sean Delonas, the cartoonist? Whatever. The "editorial cartoon" is stupid, tasteless and does nothing to provoke thought or elevate the national discussion. As its many critics charge, a good case can be made for the work being blatantly racist. Or if not blatantly, then covertly.

By running the image, the New York Post descended to the level of the chimp's owner: just another nutcase behaving irresponsibly. And to quote an old saying, two wrongs do not make a right.

Oh, and in case anyone challenges the Curious George reference: I love him, too. But he may not be a mere monkey, according to Wikipedia:

"In each of the books, Curious George is identified in the text as a monkey, though in the illustrations he does not correspond exactly to any non-fictional species of monkey (and has more of the characteristics of an ape, especially a chimpanzee)."

Act like a chimp, and you bear the name.

To read more, and see the image so you can decide for yourself, here's a link:



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