When on furlough, forget about your job: Indy Star

Dateline: Wed 04 Feb 2009

Here is an internal memo from the Indianapolis Star regarding furlough protocol. The message seems to be: do nothing, in anticipation of doing nothing sometime in the future...

"When you are off for furlough days you are not working for the Star,We can't be calling you and you should totally remove yourself from work for the day or week you are gone. This is legally different from a vacation day where you are still being paid...so as we start this process over the next couple of months be sure to stay clear of any work contact when you are supposed to be off."

Also reported in the past, anecdotally: employees will not be permitted to park in the garage, send or answer work email or visit the credit union during the furlough.

I doubt the last one is the case. But still, there is a lot of posturing here on management's part --- sort of a fear and loathing tactic?


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