Furlough protocol

Dateline: Wed 04 Feb 2009

Here is some clarification from a Star insider about the furlough system Gannett is initiating, in an effort to save jobs:

Employees on furlough can park in the garage, but they cannot go in the Star building.

Employees can go to the Credit Union, but they cannot go into the Star building.

If an employee has to pick up a paycheck, he/she must park in the lot and someone from payroll will bring out the check.

Bad? Punitive? Just plain sillier than Simon says? Suppose so. But as a source says, "Most of the unemployed I know would be happy to get paid 11 weeks out of 12."

Again, it is all about perspective...and it would be a hell of a lot easier to accept this perspective if those at the top of the greedy Gannett food chain were not raking in the dough...going on lucrative golf trips...and banking on golden parachutes.


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