2010: Grim outlook for newspaper advertising

Dateline: Mon 28 Dec 2009

National Public Radio reported this morning that newspapers (and old print in general) can expect a continuation of 2009's decline in advertising revenue.

The source for the story was likely Kubas Consultants, which did a survey in November and published its results in an article by Ed Strapagiel. The bottom line?

"Improvement" in ad revenue for 2010 for newspapers is defined as "declining less quickly" rather than positive growth, writes Strapagiel.

Do not expect online advertising to increase for 2010; it actually declined in 2008, "and past optimism was misplaced" that this woudl be an area of growth.

The weakest category for ads will be employment classifieds. Real estate, automotive, national and other classifieds are also expected to dip.

Newspapers will continue to tighten staff and trim operating budgets. What else can they do?

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