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Dateline: Sat 19 Dec 2009

From a reader --

"Downsizing at The Indianapolis Star provides many chuckles, but today's snafu is golden. On the graphic accompanying the 'Holiday Night Lights' feature on the front page of the Metro+State section, the interstate highways are mislabeled.

"I-65 heading north is labeled I-74, I-74 heading west is labeled I-65, I-74 heading east is labeled I-65 and I-65 heading south isn't labeled at all."

We just checked our home edition, and the reader is correct; the error is obvious. Making mistakes, of course, is part of what a newspaper does, but the larger point is well-taken: who's minding the store when so many jobs have been lost? The second question remains to be answered in tomorrow's edition: will the paper run a correction?

Perhaps more significantly, the Star was on the receiving end of a dig at Friday's Go Red for Women Executive Breakfast, attended by prospective and current sponsors of the event. (I was there, because I am a happy heart-makeover challenger). Although the Star was dissed, journalism in this town was not: The Indianapolis Business Journal got a big compliment.

Sue Anne Gilroy, who has done about everything in Indy that a successful Indy woman can do -- serve on Sen. Richard Lugar's team, run for mayor, etc etc. -- now heads the St. Vincent Foundation and is the chair for the Go Red campaign.

In talking about what is upcoming, she noted, referring to promotions, "I hardly read the Star anymore....we will run an advertising campaign in the Indianapolis Business Journal," which, she added, she relishes reading, because it is the go-to paper for news.

Sad, but true...the IBJ regularly kicks the Star's sorry behind. Of course, some of that is because so many former Star and News staffers have gone to work for the biz journal. More power to 'em.





Star Geezer [unverified] said:

I agree: the IBJ far outdistances The Star not only in business coverage, but in Indy coverage in general. And it's a weekly. Go figure!

And, must have been those Iowa transplants who labeled the "holiday lights" map!

2009-12-19 12:21:22

mary ball [unverified] said:

There was an article in the Star several days ago about the robbery and break in at a gun shop in Avon, obviously in Hendricks county, and it was listed in the city/state edition under Hancock county. The paper is a sorry shadow of its former self. Additionally, they will break and hyphenate a word wherever they feel like it and it is embarassing grammatically. Hard to believe it is a major daily newspaper anymore...or should I say "any less".

2009-12-19 15:42:50

Star Geezer [unverified] said:

I remember a newbie Star reporter asking me who (or what) "Hudnut" was.


2009-12-19 19:34:04

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

Just finished the Sunday paper--the last one before Christmas.

Inserts outweighed the paper. Total reading time: 14 minutes. Including the inserts.

Yesterday, I got my weekly IBJ copy. Total reading time: just short of an hour. Follow-up notes: half of a legal sheet of paper. THEN I REALIZED;

The Star has become USA Today with local obits. For which folks have to pay, by the way. And which, when paid-for and submitted, are edited not one whit.

2009-12-20 05:20:46

hendy [Member] said:

Today I went outside to pickup the Herald-Times. Not very thick, but very community-relevant. There was a bit of something for everyone. Most of the comics that are in The Star are inside. The classifieds are in decent shape, not huge but not robbed by Craigslist. Indiana politics were pretty much ignored. I remember my father getting the Louisville Courier Journal if he really wanted to know what was going on in Indiana politics.

And my mother was a subscriber to The Star, claiming it was better than a cup of coffee to get her blood pressure going in the morning. It's obvious monopoly was used as the bully-pulpit for a long protection of the concept of greed in Central Indiana.

The emasculation of The Star is nearly complete. It has bored its way into insignificance.

Caveat: I write an occasional column for the IBJ. Yet I think Michael Maurer is a running dog lackey sycophant of the Republican greed and fear agenda, which I abhor.

2009-12-20 09:07:21

Whitebeard [unverified] said:

Check out today's big "investigation" about school superintendent salaries and perks. So what was new and previously unknown about this?

What needs to be investigated is all of the corruption and waste that goes on deep into the operations of school corporations in Indiana - ridiculous salaries and perks paid to "consultants" who do very little and get rewarded lavishly - and to friends of superintendents and school board members who are essentially given "gifts" (such as Title 1 funds) for their faithfulness to The Big Bosses.

Also, the lavish spending that is done on school facilities in many communities that have been battered by job losses, etc. - especially on sports complexes and the like.

This great "investigation" bragged about by The Star's editor barely touches the tip of the iceburg concerning the wasteful spending going on in administrative offices of many (most?) of Indiana's school districts.

Maybe IBJ will do a real journalistic investigation instead of a token one.

2009-12-20 17:29:40

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