Indiana film critics pick top movies for '09

Dateline: Wed 16 Dec 2009

First, a little background.

The Indiana Film Journalists Association was formed last February by six members and has expanded to include nine. The criteria for membership? Be a Hoosier and produce "consistent, quality film criticism in any medium," says Christopher Lloyd. He's the former moviegoer/deep thinker at the Star who was laid off but not laid down: he has continued to write film reviews on his blog, Captain Critic.

The nine members -- who chose "Up in the Air" as the best film of this year -- are Bob Bloom, Lafayette Journal & Courier; Caine Gardner, Greencastle Banner-Graphic, The Film; Lou Harry, Indianapolis Business Journal
Ed Johnson-Ott, NUVO Newsweekly; Christopher Lloyd, The Film, The Current; Richard Propes, The Independent; Nick Rogers,, The Film; Joe Shearer, The Film,
Matthew Socey, WFYI.

A stellar cast, and since we all respect independence on this blog, let's also have a round of applause for the critics' effort.

To see the picks -- Mo'Nique is best actress for "Precious" and "Fantastic Mr. Fox" scored No. 2 in best film and first in best animated film -- you can get the full scoop at Lloyd's blog...



Tell The Truth [Member] said:

I'm still stunned over "Precious." The single-most-powerful movie I have ever seen.

Every single actor was brilliant.

2009-12-17 06:57:17

ruthholl [Member] said:

I hope it stays until Dec. 27 -- I have a date to see it then with some girlfriends.
If you want to know more, and you have not read it already, NYT Mag had a very good piece on the director a month or so ago....
Was it crowded when you attended?

2009-12-17 16:52:50

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

pretty crowded I read the NYT article. Another guilty pleasure, after my 10 minutes with the Indy Sunday Star: Sunday NYT.

Sometimes it wakes me up after a boring sermon....

2009-12-18 05:25:13

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