It's really really really over

Dateline: Thu 10 Dec 2009

as we knew it.

Editor and Publisher is toast.

Long before I ever stepped foot in a newsroom, the very sight of the once-slick E and P magazine both inspired and intimidated. What was more fun than looking at the job offerings in the back, always mysterious and tantalizing..."Metro daily NE hiring general assignment reporter, at least 5 years experience."  My heartfelt desire was to find an opening in Frostbite, Fla., where my Yankee father had once dreamed of buying the town's only paper and setting his own standards.

As for the articles, they seemed dense and obscure to me (early on) but improved with age. Joe Strupp, who wrote for Editor and Publsiher, covered the hell out of shenaningans at Gannett and the Indianapolis Star. Now, another voice is silenced...

Here's the official story, with thanks for the reader who sent it this way. Read it and weep:

Editor & Publisher folding

Editor & Publisher, which has chronicled the closing of numerous publications in recent years, now suffers the same unhappy fate.

Nielsen Business Media is selling eight magazines -- including AdWeek, Billboard, and Backstage -- to a new consortium, e5 Global Media Holdings. But two of their other brands, E&P and Kirkus Reviews, will be shuttered in the process. 

Editor Greg Mitchell tweets: "Yes, it's true, my magazine, E&P, axed today, out of job. At office until end of year--and here, of course."

Shuttering E&P is a real loss for the media beat, given that the publication has comprehensively covered the newspaper and magazine world (while breaking a lot of news in the process) for over 100 years. Their reporters are typically the first to break down circulation numbers, while offering monthly listings of newspaper website traffic rankings and other essential information.

Romenesko has the memo.




hendy [Member] said:

They were good at talking about foxes in the henhouse. Now: no fox & no henhouse.

The new version: Webmaster and CMS Owner.


2009-12-10 15:11:52

Tell The Truth [Member] said:

I'm in deep mourning. I may wear black for a month.

So very very sad. My God is the AP Stylebook next? If so, I'll protect it--and Strunk and White--with my bare knuckles if needed.

Be gone, "Progress" !

-30- E&P

2009-12-11 04:40:08

Tom Greenacres [unverified] said:

E&P was to journalism what AdAge was to advertising. E&P has stopped breathing...and AdAge is on a respirator.

It is sad to see once important magazine shriveling to nothing, thinner by the month, pages filled with house ads.

Why do people think the internet is an adequate substitute for print?

2009-12-11 07:43:26

hendy [Member] said:

Because I can get a zillion publications at my fingertips. Convenience rules. Why do you think 7-11 and Village Pantry do so well?

Yes, it's sad. Barnes & Noble just went into receivership in the UK. Lots of publications are running on fumes.

I liked wind-up wristwatches, too. I still have one. I have a rotary phone. A black and white TV. An FM stereo radio. All of these still work. All have been replaced by digital alternatives. Soon I'll be digital, too. You will be, too. Quick, find someone under 35 to teach you how to tweet before it's too late.

2009-12-11 10:37:50

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