Thank you, all of you

Dateline: Mon 17 Aug 2009

The comments on the post about Neal Brown were funny, enlightening and sometimes, brutally true. You all have grown a pair; I am so grateful that there is no shy, hesitant discourse happening here. Actually, I think everyone on here was born with a pair and uses them with vigor.

Keep it up.

There is more to say, but the magic hour -- 8 a.m., little boy time -- beckons.





Whitebeard [unverified] said:

I hope that the people who are boycotting Oberweis Dairy are boycotting all other milk company products (with the exception of the place up in Zionsville - I think it's called Trader's Point? - which treats cows humanely and produces non-toxic dairy products).

Check out this information about "normal" corporate dairy operations:

The Oberweis website has a "farmer's pledge" in which those producing milk agree to:

1. Never use growth hormones.
2. Provide milk free of antibiotics.
3. Treat cows humanely.
4. Produce milk they would want their own family to consume.

I have absolutely nothing to do with Oberweis Dairy, but they are doing things the right way for animals and human beings despite whatever political positions a family member has.

2009-08-18 13:42:00

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