Will contract be approved?

Dateline: Mon 10 Aug 2009

There is a fly in the ointment -- the ointment being the proposed contract for employees at the Indy Star, and the fly being those workers laid off over the winter.

Gannett is a company known for its unfair and unjust labor practices. An ex-Star employee voices a serious concern:

"...there's no guarantee the new contract will be approved. The seven of us who have been waiting the better part of a year for our arbitration hearing certainly hope it doesn't -- as we would be thrown under the proverbial bus."

Again, Gannett will find a way to screw people. Buyers -- and Guild -- beware.




ConcernedStaffer [Member] said:

I hope it isn't. This company isn't giving up anything. I'm not quite sure how you negotiate with the devil.

2009-08-10 21:47:48

hendy [Member] said:

Great legal counsel is suggested. After all, where are they going to find a lawyer in heaven?

In all seriousness, a job at The Star is like a job anywhere these days: not guaranteed, going to get worse, and corporate greed (sorry, actually "shareholder equity"), rather than community values, is the guidance for employer decisions.

Breaking the unions and debasing negotiating basis is what the name of this tune is. Get used to the melody. It'll be played often until the government overtakes the corporations again. Lobbyists rule: legislative aids drool.

2009-08-10 22:26:38

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