Contract in offing for Indy Star

Dateline: Mon 10 Aug 2009

The news was out Friday that the Indianapolis Star Guild and Gannett management have reached a preliminary agreement, with, alas a 10 percent pay cut -- but a better deal than the 12 percent proposed initially by management.

The Guild gets applause for holding firm and being proactive with management, adoping a motto of "NEGOTIATE, DON'T DICTATE."

The Inkling -- Guild newsletter -- ran the story Friday online; the Star ran it Saturday in the biz section; and today Editor and Publisher ran the following account:


"'Indy Star' And Guild Reach Contract Deal for 10% Pay Cut

By Joe Strupp

Published: August 10, 2009 10:25 AM ET
NEW YORK The Indianapolis News Guild has reached a tentative agreement with The Indianapolis Star for a new contract that would include a 10% pay cut, the guild revealed in a statement.

The pay cut is slightly smaller than a 12% salary reduction that was in a previous contract offer rejected overwhelmingly by rank-and-file members June 30. The new deal, which will be voted on by members Aug. 25, would take effect Aug. 30.

"Additional details will come early next week, once the company provides our union with its final proposal," the guild statement, issued late Friday, said.

The guild plans to allow absentee balloting and hold two informational sessions for members this week and next week. About 185 Star employees are represented by the guild and would be affected by the pay cut.

The new deal followed two sessions with federal mediator Conrad Bowling of the federal mediation and conciliation service last Thursday and Friday.

In recent weeks, the union had stepped up its public pressure on management, with organized unity appearances at public meetings with Publisher Michael Kane and Gannett corporate officials who visited the paper. In each case, guild members were asked to wear red as a sign of support.

Kane could not immediately be reached for comment Monday."


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