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Dateline: Wed 29 Apr 2009

Former Indianapolis Star political editor and Dem spokesman Terry Burns has a new blog -- "new," although it was launched at the end of March. I'm a little slow, but I do thank Terry for letting readers of this blog know.

Here's the pitch from his first post March 25:

"Welcome to the city's newest blog. The Indianapolis Times offers its readers the kind of news and views you won't read anywhere else. The Times will report the unvarnished truth about what's really happening in city and county politics -- especially when it comes the escapades on the 25th floor.

"If you have any interesting political items (or tips) you'd like us to consider, please e-mail them to indianapolistimes@gmail.com.

"As Joan Crawford would say, 'Hang on, it's going to be a bumpy ride.'"

While Terry is and was obviously fiercely partisan, he was a great editor to work with: seasoned, rich with contacts and always generous about sharing names, numbers and insights.

In his new role, he's keeping a hawk's eye on Mayor Greg Ballard, the accidental mayor, while writing shrewed perspective about government shenanigans.

Here's the link, along with good luck wishes:



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