Oops...Star skips out on awards ceremony

Dateline: Sun 26 Apr 2009

Congratulations to Indianapolis Star reporter Tim Evans, one of the finest guys at the newspaper, who was rightfully honored at Friday's Society of Professional Journalists banquet. The hard-working Evans was named Journalist of the Year for his extensive work on behalf of children, including his coverage of the death of Destiny Linden, 12 weeks old, who died while in the state's foster-care system.

The Star did quite well for itself at the annual Best in Indiana contest -- 19 first-place awards.

But a little birdie notes that the Star was virtually a no-show at the event.


The speculation is that the event costs money -- food usually does -- and the Star is not spending these days. Well, not at this level, where the horses that pull the cart are getting their just desserts. Or not.

As my source says, "...it was absolutely embarrassing and insulting that NO ONE from the Star picked up any of its first place wins, except Tim Evans...all the rest of the awards were piled up on the end of the table."

Tacky? Graceless? Yes. It's called Gannett.


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