A couple of observations from Star readers:

Dateline: Sun 12 Apr 2009

First, regarding Saturday's Indianapolis Star, an astute observer notes:

"Is it me, or were there FOUR good LOCAL stories on today's front page? Police shooting, IPS school in disarray, unemployment story, and Vonnegut stories.

"It is sad that something like that makes me surprised."

I agree -- four strong stories, and today's two Page One stories -- "Fountain of debt may soak water users" by Brendan O'Shaughnessy and Francesca Jarosz's piece on crooked financier Marcus Schrenker -- are also decent. Anytime a reporter can unravel the news behind the headlines, it's a hit. The headline on the water company troubles isn't shabby either.

But then comes this, from a reader:

"But the accuracies continue even online. The metromix section is holding a best radio DJ/morning show poll.

"Problem is the picture of the WFMS morning show is inaccurate.

"On the far right is Trapper John, who hasn't been on WFMS in years!!

"And the hits just keep on comin'"


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