No regional copy desk

Dateline: Wed 08 Apr 2009

Just like the simple bacteria on Earth that overcame alien invaders in "War of the Worlds," technology -- for now -- will kill any regional copy desk for Gannett in Indiana.

So say those in the know.

The problem in Indiana is that the papers owned by Gannett all use different computer programs to design pages. At the Indianapolis Star, the system is CCI, which, at least at the time it was purchased, was also used by the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune (readers, correct me if I have this wrong.) CCI is an expensive system, developed in Denmark, so smaller papers do not have it -- Muncie has In Design and Richmond bought into Quark.

Obviously, Gannett likes the idea of a regional desk, and it's in the works in other markets. But it may not be coming to a paper near you.

Score one for the good guys, for one day.


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