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Dateline: Tue 07 Apr 2009

A blog reader forwarded the following email, from a Denver attorney who is asking for support for the new on-line publication by former reporters of the Rocky Mountain News.

The price is 16 cents a day, or about $1.25 a week.

This would be a good effort to get behind. Here is the email:

"Subject: Join Me at INDenverTimes

"Dear Friends,

"This is a 'canned' letter, but I feel strongly that Denver needs a continuing vital journalistic presence.

"I am excited about INDenverTimes (INDT) and I want to make sure you have heard about it. Newspapers are shutting their doors all over the country. The face of journalism is changing and I hope INDenverTimes will be a national leader in creating a new model.

"It started a couple of weeks ago when 30 reporters from the Rocky Mountain News joined three local entrepreneurs. Their goal? To provide the best, most insightful journalism in Denver using the most advanced technologies available. Check it out at It is a beta site right now with coverage expanding every day. I have subscribed and I hope you will too. It's only 16 cents a day. The news is free and subscribers have access to additional content, analysis and interactive platforms.

"INDT is offering a FREE subscription and VIP package for everyone who brings in 10 subscribers by April 23rd. INDenverVIPs will get a VIP invitation to the launch party and lots of other perks. Visit INDenverTimes

at And when you subscribe, please enter my email,, in the Referred By box on the subscription page. Thanks!

Please help this team bring Denver the most exciting news platform in the country.

Arlen Ambrose"


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