Dateline: Tue 07 Apr 2009

In Putnam County, we saw a magnificent eagle feeding on a deer carcass one bright and frosty Christmas morn. Then there were the young bulls that occasionally broke out of the nearby farmer's fence and wandered over to our quarry, munching on the grass and staring sullenly at the house about feeding time, late in the afternoon.

Deer, of course, ambled about, and wild turkeys paid us such a spectacular front-yard visit one fall day that we took a photo and turned it into that year's Christmas greeting.

But none of those power animal visits have thrilled me as much as Henry and Henrietta, the male and female mallard ducks who strolled down from the nearby canal today. They breakfasted at 5304 Graceland Avenue in Butler Tarkington on cracked corn, which Guy keeps in supply for the never-ending squirrels. Those cute, cunning rats.

I think Henry and Henrietta are the Easter/Passover ducks, and that a blessed event will soon ensue.


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