Time for John Ackelmire stories

Dateline: Mon 06 Apr 2009

This is from newsman Rich Gotshall, recalling one of the best and most beloved characters at the Indianapolis Star, the late John "Jack" Ackelmire:

"One night decades ago, Jack Acklemire, a longtime copy editor, leaned over to me when I was working the slot (now, there's a term that dates me right away, because I actually know what it means and actually worked in the slot at a hot type newspaper). He asked in all seriousness: 'How come nobody on the copy desk got a drinking problem anymore?'

"From the era of 'The Front Page' to the 1960s, the copy desk was where newspapers put their old war horses out to graze. They couldn't cut it on the street any more as reporters, so they became copy editors."

John stories abound. More tk.


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