Death in Kentucky

Dateline: Mon 06 Apr 2009

At a family funeral Friday in Louisville, the Yankees got a laugh out of the sign plastered on the glass door at the Highlands Funeral Home:


One kinfolk explained that this will probably be the norm in the nation soon enough -- Kentucky already has such warnings posted at hospitals, she thought.

So as Kentucky goes, so goes Indiana. We used to be ahead of old Ken-Tuck...according to the late Harrison Ullman of NUVO fame. (Harrison occasionally wrote scathing articles about the state of the state, including how we stacked up in the Midwest; proud Hoosier readers, he said, would often respond to his pieces with comments such as, "Well, so what, if Michigan is ahead of us? what if Ohio is doing better...and Illinois. But we're still ahead of Kentucky, right Harrison? Right?"

Look for the warning signs, coming to a Flanner and Buchanan near you.


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