Guild members vote 'Yes' on furloughs

Dateline: Wed 01 Apr 2009

Here is the latest from the Inkling, the Guild newsletter for the Indianapolis Star union members:


"The membership of Indy News Guild 34070 voted overwhelmingly Tuesday and Wednesday to approve the 2nd quarter furlough, a one-week stint of unpaid time off. The voting turnout was over 80% and the "yes" votes occurred in landslide fashion. We were impressed and appreciative that you made the effort and we hope that this is the last time we'll have to vote to lose a week's salary. We made it very clear to management that our union has made a significant sacrifice to help the company. Just so you know, our parent organization, the Communications Workers of America/The Newspaper Guild, endorsed our vote 'yes.'

"Please schedule those new 'off' days if you have not done so. Please

come armed with questions to Thursday's sit-down sessions with Publisher Michael Kane. Please read e-inklings closely so you can stay up to date as the Guild bargaining team prepares for a return to negotiations in mid-April. Please help us make the Star workplace the best it can be.

-- the officers, stewards of Indy News Guild 34070"


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