Dateline: Wed 01 Apr 2009

April 1 -- kind of a lazy day, news-wise -- except of course for that biggie story on Don Marsh. He's in hot water, again. This round it's because the company that bought his financially-troubled grocery chain in 2006 now alleges in a lawsuit that he blew company funds on private trips and other extravagances. The Internal Revenue Service is also on the case.

Marsh, says the Star's Ted Evanoff, "organized the sale of the struggling supermarket chain in April 2006 for $88 million to the Florida investment firm Sun Capital Partners."

Supposedly, Don Marsh used a company jet for "hunting trips, business meetings and jaunts to the four family vacation condos," plus he flew to the Macy's Parade in Manhattan, took women employees on "vague business trips" and of course allegedly used company money to pay for trips to New Zealand and Alaska.

Ho hum.

All we can contribute is that Marsh, who was convicted on drunk driving offenses when he was still CEO, resorted to using a chauffeur to drive himself to the 21st Amendment at 56th and Illinois to pick up his wine. That's what a former sommelier said, some years back, and he should know: Marsh was a good customer.

At least he didn't try to fly the jet.

In other frivolous but interesting news, from a tipster:

"Ray Dolby, founder of Dolby Stereo, was in Indianapolis last weekend. Dolby, whose invention is in just about any thing audio we own today, attended a party at the home of Robert Frist, president of Rowland Interior Designs.

"Dolby's oldest son, Tom, is to marry Frist's son, Drew in Sonoma, Calif., in September. Drew Frist is a photographer in New York City."

This is a nice story of "Meet the Parents" ... and more. I double-checked with my source; this is a tale of two males marrying, right?

"We're not only not in Kansas anymore, but Indiana, either" said the source.

Our best wishes to the couple.


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