Odds and ends, Gannettside

Dateline: Tue 30 Sep 2008

A reader says that the Star job description (the that made me want to take a nap) in the most recent post here sounds like Kevin Poortinga's old job. What, boy wonder Poortinga is gone? Yes, said the reader, who cited a post from Gannettblog July 2 saying that Poortinga went to Gannett Digital,

Here's the buzz, albeit a little ancient:

"Poortinga will become general manager/Digital Product Incubator at GCI's McLean, Va., headquarters. Last year, Poortinga won Gannett's first Innovator of the Year award for his work on the first mom's site, launched at Indianapolis."

Thanks as always to readers and Jim Hopkins of Gannettblog, who keep things humming.

In that spirit, Hopkins also reported Saturday that Newsache, the Cincinnati-based watcgdog blog of the Enquirer, folded its tents. Hopkins' quote: "'I'm leaving the blogging business,' Newsache's anonymous blogger says. 'And let me be clear: No one is silencing me. I'm just tired of it. The Enquirer is hopeless.'"

Too bad. Newsache won kudos from a top editor at the paper for helping the paper realize some of its flaws.


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