Obama's strong press in Indiana

Dateline: Wed 24 Sep 2008

Sen. Barack Obama's campaign is taking Indiana seriously in the presidential race, and vice versa.

Tom Davis of the Associated Press has the story of the day:

"The candidate from next-door Illinois is bidding to flip the state into the Democratic column this year.

"To that end, he is doing what no presidential candidate has done in decades, spending significant amounts of money and time in the state, while Republican John McCain maintains a low profile.

"Obama narrowly lost the May primary here to Hillary Rodham Clinton. And in the process, he had 'the opportunity to at least define himself with Hoosier voters and that has lingered,' said Kip Tew, a former state Democratic chairman who is a volunteer adviser to the Obama campaign. 'They competed with a ground game that no one's ever seen in the state.'"

Perhaps the most telling part of the story is the anecdote about a woman from Granger, Jessie Bochert, 45, who voted for Bush twice, initially supported Sen. John McCain and now has flipped for Obama. Here is her quote:

"'I feel guilty for all that has happened" under Bush, she said. 'There are so many people I talk to, they can't afford their prescriptions, they don't know what to pay, they can't afford anything. It's really the economy, and that's what it's coming down to.'"

On a related note: did all of you read George Will's column this week, questioning McCain's presidential abilities because of his rash responses re: the economic crisis and his trashing of SEC chairman Chris Cox, a key Republican involved in trying to bail us out? George Will and David Brooks both have expressed doubts about McCain, and neither, I hear, like or trust Sarah Palin.

When the best minds in conservative thought are casting stones at the GOP strategy, no wonder Obama is making strides in Indiana.

Or as my faithful reader and friend Jim Burns said, after he sent the AP story my way, "GO BARACK!"


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