A reader who should know says Mitch signs are in violation

Dateline: Mon 22 Sep 2008

Here is what an astute reader points out, after citing City of Indianapolis code violations re: opinion signage size:

"The signs on Meridian Street are in violation of the city ordinance. This is the action taken by the city when the Abandoned Homes Tour sign appeared at 97 N Dearborn when Bart was running for re-election. Bart had the city file action thru the courts to have it taken down."

This reader then provides the following link, showing that action taken against the owner of 97 N. Dearborn:


The link says opinion signs can be 6 feet square, no more, no less. The reader is referencing a protest on the Eastside of Indy in the spring of 2007, when some Eastsiders felt the administration of then Democrat Mayor Bart Peterson was ignoring multiple problems in that area of town --- crime, crumbling sidewalks, the whole broken window syndrome.

However, the Peterson administration did a bangup job of signage/litter enforcement, as I recall -- the opposite of GOP Mayor Steve Goldsmith, who let certain infractions slide. I recall writing a few columns about Tim Harmon, a loyal Dem, who owned at the time a salvage shop in the 2300 block or so of Central, near Downtown. Harmon was left in peace by Goldsmith, but hassled by Peterson's people to clean up his signage and lot area. Even small signs were in violation.

What an odd irony. Maybe Republicans are just more lax on this score. At any rate, according to what astute reader cites, it seems that the pitch for Mitch sign-wise may well be illegal.

Any enterprising litigators out there to challenge this?


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