Plainfield blinks

Dateline: Wed 17 Sep 2008

Here is the latest from Nick Crews in Plainfield in Hendricks County, re: his legal challenge with the ACLU of a local ordinance prohibiting residents from putting up signs 30 days from an election:

"Mel Daniels, Plainfield's attorney, said that Plainfield will be having a board meeting on Monday night and will announce a 90 day moratorium on enforcement of the ordinance. During the 90 days the town will - we assume - come up with new language for the sign ordinance. This new wording, we're confident, will bring the law into conformity with residents' constitutional rights and existing case law."

Nick said all his info came from Ken Falk, head of the ACLU of Indiana.

Way to go. Looks like the ACLU already has secured victory; it's just a matter of ironing out the details now. Wonder if they have senior citizen rates for membership?


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