ACLU of Indiana, Nick Crews, file lawsuit re: Obama signs

Dateline: Mon 15 Sep 2008

Friend Nick Crews and his wife Crystal Crews were none too happy to receive a letter from Plainfield, where they reside, advising them that their Obama sign in the front yard had to come down until 30 days in advance of the election.

The town has an ordinance prohibiting political signs being in front yards during that time period, Crews learned. The family had Obama sign up since the primary.

The issue seemed to strike at the heart of free speech, they reasoned.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana agrees. Together, Crews and the rights organization have filed a lawsuit challenging Plainfield's law.

Jonathan Swain of the Obama campaign said he understands Hancock County also has such an ordinance in Greenfield.

This lawsuit has legs. It will be fascinating to see what develops. How can it be legal for Marion County -- and Putnam County for that matter -- to allow signs, and Hancock and Hendricks County to disallow them?

Makes no damn sense. Bad law.


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