Kelly Kendall -- a soft landing

Dateline: Fri 05 Sep 2008

Kelly Kendall, a features editor who was laid off in the Gannett purge at the Indianapolis Star, has landed on her feet. She has a new job at the Indianapolis Monthly magazine.

Kendall will be the associate special sections editor.

Kendall is multi-talented, with a law degree as well as a flair for writing and a lovely eye for design. She started at the Star as a copy messenger when she was still a student at Brebeuf Prep School. Even in that motley crew, she distinguished herself. "Mrs. Holladay," she said to me once, "I'd like to write stories for the features section. Would you be interested?"

As I recall, her first published piece was on ballroom dancing, which teens in Indy had rediscovered. She went on from there, after college and during law school, to cover fashion (her fashion column was highly regarded by readers), movies, pop culture, books etc. She got the axe simply because she had the talent to be editor material. Gannett wanted to rid itself of a few manager/editor positions not covered by the Guild union, and Kelly took the fall.

She will do well wherever she goes, and the Monthly is lucky to get the girl.


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