"Fall Massacre: Gannett Cuts Thousands of Jobs"

Dateline: Thu 30 Oct 2008

The above is the headline from MediaPost Publications Wednesday. Writer Erik Sass says:

"Newspapers are seeing red in newsrooms nationwide. On Tuesday, Gannett said it would be laying off 3,000 employees, or roughly 10% of its total work force of about 32,000. Not only are big companies like McClatchy and Tribune cutting, but their smaller competitors are also swinging the axe with abandon.

"Although Gannett declined to give specific figures, Robert Dickey, the president of Gannett's beleaguered newspaper division, explained that 'the fiscal crisis is deepening and the economy is getting worse. Gannett's revenues continue to be severely impacted by this downturn, and our local operations are suffering.'

"The current Gannett cuts follow the elimination of 1,000 jobs in August through layoffs and buyouts; between the two rounds of cuts, the company will have shed about 12% of its workforce in under three months. The two most recent rounds came on top of a rolling series of cuts around the company earlier this year.

"While a total number is unavailable, hundreds of jobs were affected, including 50 at USA Today, 55 layoffs at four newspapers in New Jersey, 150 buyouts at the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News (about 7.5% of the total 2,000) and an unspecified number of graphic-design positions company-wide. In July, The Honolulu Advertiser said it would lay off 54 employees or 8% of its workforce, and 50 or more positions were cut at the Arizona Republic.

Gannett Broadcasting also cut an unspecified number of positions.

Nor is Gannett alone in implementing multiple layoffs in 2008. "

Sass then goes on to discuss cuts at McClatchy, Tribune Co., etc. Thanks to the reader who sent this our way. Here's the link:



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