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Dateline: Thu 30 Oct 2008

Goes to Seneca for checking Snopes to find the truth about The Obit.

According to the site, which busts myths, or not, the obit of Delores Aguilar ran in the Times-Herald newspaper in Vallejo , Calif. The Daily Breeze paper in the South Bay area did a story about the backstory. Reporter John Bogert learned that one of the daughters of the deceased woman placed the obit after reading about the death of a co-worker's father and "noting how little of it fit her mother."

"What struck me was how my mother was none of the things I was reading. She was never there for us, she was never good and she left no legacy. So how could I say any of the uusal things about her?" She also told the reporter that she and her siblings were underfed, poorly clothed and "completely terrorized."

The paper -- not a Gannett paper -- was suspicious enough of the obit that it did request a death certificate, just to make sure it was not a hoax.

Thanks to Seneca for doing his homework and providing the link.

Here it is:


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