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Dateline: Wed 29 Oct 2008

Matt Tully has a fair column in the Star this morning, getting on Sen. John McCain's case for the "fear-mongering" negative ads his people have been running in Indiana against Barack Obama. Only problem is, he didn't do enough reporting. We need names.

A friend received one of those mailings in the Western part of the state. It's a keeper, just for how ridiculously shocking it is: the layout shows a scary-looking frowning Barack, his face in shadows, next to a quote: "I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough." The New York Times 9/11/01.

Lovley. The quote of course is from William Ayers, whose mug shot is shown downpage; he's -- well, you know all this.

The point is that Tully's column did not go far enough. Who in hell are the geniuses in the Indiana GOP who came up with this garbage? Matt never addressed that.

I called GOP HQ; it's the usual voice mail bullshit. So here's a link to that site with the names of staff members --- I suggest we all email Murray Clark, the big pooh-bah, and the communications people to get to the bottom of this. No doubt, they have time on their hands...since their boss's campaign is going nowhere except down.


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