Star gets a spanking

Dateline: Tue 28 Oct 2008

Irate letters to the editor published in this morning's Indianapolis Star show that readers are vexed by the editorial board's refusal to endorse a presidential candidate Sunday.

The paper has "abdicated its responsibility," and chosen to ignore "a historic time for Indiana," are among thoughts expressed.

Publisher Michael Kane's explanation is also included, and it's not worth the paper it was written on.

But the Star's inability to reach a consensus among its eight editorial borad members, and the publisher's refusal to "break the tie," are bad signs for Sen. John McCain. When Karl Rove puts Indiana in the Obama camp, as he did Sunday on Fox, you know it's "big trouble for Moose and Squirrel," as the Bulwinkle cartoon used to prophesy.

Still, Dems can't take anything for granted. The word on the street is: keep making those calls and canvassing for Obama.

And you can safely ignore the Star. By its own choice and hand, it is not a player. What a day.


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