Two very different parties

Dateline: Mon 27 Oct 2008

This is from a friend who prefers that her name not be used. But her reflections are worth sharing:

"An acquaintance had four tickets to the Palin rally. In our group of 8 or so ordinary Hoosier women having dinner together, she couldn't give them away! Two of

our group had been to the Obama rally; others said they wished they could have gone, but had to work.

"The Republicans don't send their presidential candidate to Indiana at all, and have their lame vp candidate's rally far from the city, in a place reachable only by car, and make people go somewhere to pick up tickets in advance.

"The Democrats have their presidential candidate's rallies at the Fairgrounds, accessible by car, bus or foot, and in downtown Indy, accessible by bus, foot, bike, car or wheelchair. No advance tickets, just whoever shows up is welcome.

"The contrasts say a lot about the two parties and whose concerns they represent."

Amen to all that.


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