The Star's editorial weakness

Dateline: Mon 27 Oct 2008

Those few of us who still read the Star's editorial pages opened Sunday's section with curiosity: who would the paper endorse for President?

What a wimp-out. Citing hopeless divisions among the eight members of the editorial board, the paper chose to leave the decision to voters. We all know how this went down: the McCaiin camp included editorial page editor Tim Swarens, cartoonist Gary Varvel, columnist Russ Pulliam and very likely Jane Lichtenberg. That left publisher Michael Kane, exec editor Dennis Ryerson, op-ed columnist Dan Carpenter and Beth Murphy for Obama. In the past, Ryerson has made welcome changes on the editorial pages, offering more perspective (liberal points of view), sometimes, albeit, in heavy-handed fashion.

But Sunday he and the other big cheeses wimped out.

However, this was a non-issue I brought it up Sunday at the Obama HQ in Broad Ripple. In fact, out of a room of 8 or so people, no one, save me, had even read the Sunday paper.

As Guy said, "Nobody cares what the Star does anyhow." Of course, edorsing either Sen. McCain or Sen. Obama would have been gutty. But now we know why The Star is truly irrelevant.


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