Papers pick Obama

Dateline: Mon 27 Oct 2008

Editor and Publisher is reporting on newspaper endorsements of Obama vs. McCain; it's "a rout" for Obama, with him leading Friday 160 to 59 for McCain. Most tellingly, many papers that previously backed Bush have switched. Also telling: the Anchorage newspaper came out for Obama.

Here is the lead, published today -- for more updates, go to the E and P link on the blogroll on the right side of this page:

"The Obama lead in editorial endorsements this year turned into a landslide, even a rout today, as dozens of additiional papers backed him, compared to the relative handful for McCain.

"Two more major papers that had backed Bush in 2004--the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Providence Journal--came out for Obama, joining at least 35 others who had done the same thing already.

"In another embarrassment for McCain, the Indianapolis Star, which also supported Bush in 2004, revealed that it would not endorse this year. At least two other Bush 2004 papers, the Ann Arbor (Mich.) News and the Fredericksburg Free-Lance Star, took the same route."

Again, I would say the Star's wimp-out is less of an embarrassment for McCain and more for its management. What a time to sit on the fence.


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