The baby is my boss...

Dateline: Tue 21 Oct 2008

Hence musings have been scarce of late. That, plus the baby has had pink eye, an ear infection, and a continually runny nose ("Nose!") which he generously shared. That, plus moving to the tiniest and most modest house in Butler-Tarkington, have provided their own small challenges.

The baby is no fan of politics or city life in general. He prefers Wiggles with an occasional side trip to a You Tube video of a hippo and a dog performing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," altho yesterday I tricked him into watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. His idea of getting out is the park, with a side trip to Illinois Street Food Emporium. "Cookie!"

I'm working now, providing baked potatoes, baths and bottles for the baby, and picking up his older brother from St. Thomas Aquinas. Pink eye delayed my corneal transplant until Nov. 5. Thank you, baby.

But life goes on. Look later today for a post on two new blogs in town.

And how about "that one"? Speaking of the activity, I was pleased to run into an old source, Carl Rising-Moore, at Obama headquarters. He's the tall, blondish guy in blue jeans standing at a Broad Ripple corner every evening, selling Obama yard signs. (He will barter). Funny, I used to think of Carl as radical. Now he's just another comrade.

God bless America, and God save the baby.


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