Is McCain taking Indiana for granted?

Dateline: Fri 10 Oct 2008

The Star's political writer Matt Tully has a pretty good column this morning, questioning why Sen. John McCain is ignoring Indiana in terms of campaign visits -- an absence all the more apparent since Sen. Barack Obama, his rival, was here Wednesday.

Tully, who was at Obama's massive (21,000) gathering at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Wednesday, says the question of "where is McCain?" was on everyone's lips during Obama's appearance.

Not where I sat, it wasn't. McCain is not even an afterthought; he's a zero, less than. The people sitting around me -- union workers, middle class black and white men and women, kids, pissed off Republicans -- were excited about Obama, not fretting over McCain.

"Of course, some Republicans downplay the importance of visits," writes Tully. "They say they're nice but not vital. They suggest that if McCain loses a reliably red state such as Indiana, he'll have lost the election in a landslide."

Wouldn't that be sweet?


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