Just save the jobs, please

Dateline: Wed 08 Oct 2008

Here is part of the Gannett party line on the changes coming for Indy.com. Let it rip:

"Currently, the plan is the have Indy.com and Metromix.com coexist until the beginning of December and then Indy.com will go through a transformation. The calendar portion of Indy.com will be moving to Metromix.com and this will become Indianapolis's new entertainment website. Indy.com will continue to exist in the future but will have more editorial content on lifestyles of the young, socially active. Indy.com will also become more of a social networking site and will become customizable, such as a MyYahoo where you can create your own page based on what you would like to see there."

Newspapers et all are always evolving. I recall working for Scripps Howard and having fits because the head office kept messing with the symbol of the chain: the lighthouse. Just leave the lighthouse alone, I thought. Don't modify the lighthouse.

But "change is what makes the world go 'round," and change is what is happening in the industry. My biggest concern at this stage of the game: don't eliminate any more positions. And keep the faith....


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