Not an original thought

Dateline: Fri 03 Oct 2008

But is Sarah Palin channeling Frances McDormand's role as police chief Margie Gunderson from 'Fargo'?

I've thought that for a while now, (so have many others, a quick Google check shows). But last night during the veep debate, it really hit home. The folky-isms and the "gee whiz" sort of frankness don't especially bother me, but it drives me nuts to hear someone drop her "g's" so consistently. Please speak English, Gov. Palin, unless and until Alaska secedes. And stay away from the Margie voiceovers.

Other than that, the little lady from up north did just dandy. Once again, she continues to not be the disaster so many liberals want her to be, at least when she's fielding questions on the national stage.

But Biden did the better job. He's older and smarter, and he has his wits about him.

Also: Palin needs to brush up on some basics. Enough with the Maverick lines, already, and the fact that she wants less intrusive government -- that's sort of understood, thank you very much. A start would be studying the role of the veep in the United States, so she can expound intelligently on that job.

And adding "ing's" when she speaks English.


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