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Dateline: Wed 01 Oct 2008

An alert reader/former Gannetteer noticed an ad in Sunday's Star in the metro/state section, announcing that the popular but cynical will become the even more popular/cynical national website, momslikeme.

How Gannettish.

Reader/ex employee wonders if this isn't a Kevin Poortinga packaging plan, since he moved to Gannett Digital from the Star. This person asks: will the marketing department at the Star continue to run the site, or will it be masterminded out of Gannett HQ? And if so, what happens to the local Star employees who now keep this site afloat?

Clearly momslikeme is a national initiative; it's all over the web, as this reader noted in a later email. Also, while the new site is run out of Gannett, it has more markets than just Gannett. Says the reader, "The Grand Rapids Press is the largest of Michigan's eight Booth newspapers, all owned by Advance Newspapers, but it's listed on the momslikeme site.) Upcoming markets to be added include Indianapolis, Lafayette and Muncie."

Here is the link:

"So what's next?" asks reader/Gannett ex. " Everyone working for Gannett should pause and get the hell out."

On a similar note, known as InTake is also reportedly morphing into something a little more cynical and perhaps national. Anybody have any more info on this stratgy?


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