Dietrich Bonhoeffer on gratitude

Dateline: Thu 27 Nov 2008

A favorite theologian and hero of World War II, the Lutheran pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote some amazing words, even from his prison cell in Germany and even as his execution by the Nazis neared.

Here is a favorite, worthy of sharing with readers on Thanksgiving in a spirit of deep gratitude. It is titled HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS.

"There is hardly anything that one can make one happier than to feel that one counts for something with other people. What matters here is not numbers, but intensity. In the long run, human relationships are the most important thing in life; the modern 'efficient' man can do nothing to change this, nor can the demigods and lunatics who know nothing about human relationships. God uses us in our dealings with others."

With thanks for all of you...and especially for those in the news media who strive, often under increasingly difficult conditions, to enrich our lives with news, opinion and entertainment.


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