Joe Fahy hospitalized

Dateline: Mon 24 Nov 2008

Joe Fahy, former social services beat reporter at the Indianapolis Star and the Indianapolis News, is again being treated for lung cancer. He is hospitalized in Pittsburgh, where he covers the medical beat for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Fahy's last byline story for the Pittsburgh paper ran in October. He has been seriously ill since then. An avid runner and a non-smoker, he was diagnosed several years ago with lung cancer. He was successfully treated until the disease recently reoccurred.

Cards and well wishes are appropriate, said a nurse caring for him Sunday in Pittsburgh. Cards can be mailed to Joe at Montefione Hospital, 8 South, 200 Lothrop Street, Pittsburgh, Pa., 15213.

Those of us who know Joe remember a colleague who is funny, sweet, extremely knowledgeable, very dedicated and hard working. He left the Star to do research and communications for CHIP, the Indianapolis Coalition for Homeless Intervention and Prevention. After that, he returned to newspapering in Pittsburgh.


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