Layoffs at South Bend Trib

Dateline: Sun 23 Nov 2008

I know this is old news, but layoffs remain pertinent to those in the newspaper industry. As I've said, my father worked thru the whole Depression at various newspapers in the U.S. His job was always secure, his services needed.

Here is what a reader sent re: the Tribune layoffs, announced Monday Nov. 10:

"South Bend Tribune newsroom staffers received layoff notices Monday.

"We're talking reporters/editors who have been around for years and are seasoned pros. I've heard most are in their 40s and 50s. This is a

forward from one.

"'Subject: I still can't believe....

'Hi Ellen,

'I got laid off yesterday effective in two week.!!! I can't believe it

after 31 years. At least 7 were laid off from the newsroom, including

Nancy after 35 years. I just feel so betrayed.

'I am still in shock. It's an emotional roller coasters. I am sure I have skills and can find another job, but it sucks in in this economy.,,

'If you hear of any jobs up here, let me know.'"

Also, a reader said today that the publisher at the Indianapolis Star has reduced the original number of anticipated layoffs there -- 95 -- to about 55. That's a tiny sliver of good news in an otherwise bleak scene.

Pink slips are due to go out the first week in December.


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