Ryerson disengenuous

Dateline: Mon 03 Nov 2008

Dennis Ryerson's Sunday column is typically self-serving, but this week he was misleading as well as he one again beat the drum for the Star.

Here's the offendiing info:

"Looking out for your public interests is one of our primary goals," he writes. "An example was reporter Andy Gammill's story last week about some early-voting ballots that didn't include the Indianapolis Public Schools bond issue for building repairs and construction.

"Readers like Marilyn Shank voiced their appreciation:

"'Your quick work on this yesterday demonstrated what we all love about journalism,' Marilyn wrote to Andy. 'The little guy (voter Herschel Tyler) couldn't get his voice heard; the people in power weren't listening when he first brought (it) to their attention. Some good work by The Star got a change made in time for Mr. Tyler's vote to count and others' to count as well.'

"Thanks for the letter, Marilyn, and thanks to all of you for reading The Indianapolis Star and for using IndyStar.com."

Oh, puh-leeze. Shank is hardly a disinterested party; her public relations firm for years has represented Indianapolis Public Schools, and it is that hat that she wears in praising reporter Gammill's work. Ryerson makes it appear as if she is an ordinary reader, instead of a paid flack.

No disrespect to Marilyn; she did her job. But those who know the relationship between the Shanks' firm and IPS know better. Ryerson should, too. What a phony.


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