Pat McKee -- outta there

Dateline: Tue 27 May 2008

Here's the latest departure from the Star, from a source who knows what is up:

"Pat McKee, who's been with the sports department 26 years covering high school sports and holds the title of assistant sports editor, is leaving and moving to Florida.

"Pat was recently inducted into the Indiana High School Basketball

Hall of Fame He joins Mark Montieth and Tom Reitmann as recent refugees."

Patrick is another great guy and another huge loss. My source wonders if Dancin Dennis Ryerson objected to Pat's induction into the BB Hall of Fame, since Dennis is careful to make sure his slaves don't get too much community recognition. Altho of course he came in No. 2 in a dance contest.

Here's to Pat, wishing him and his the best. BTW: Pat is No. 206 to leave the Star since Gannett took over the joint in 2000.


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