Hillary Clinton, the unforgivable

Dateline: Sat 24 May 2008

At. St. Thomas Aquinas School's annual field day at Butler University Friday, a teacher mentioned that a longtime Obama volunteer had fallen during Obama's final Indy rally and broken a bone.

"Guess who called her?" said the teacher, speaking of the injured volunteer. We all knew the answer: "Barack Obama." He cares enough about each underling to connect, whenever possible. The communication, respect and organization within that network has been a thing of beauty to behold.

This makes the contrast all that stark between the senator from Illinois and Hillary Clinton. This morning's Star reports that the Clinton campaign, in so much trouble on so many fronts, has so far stiffed Indiana University $55,000 -- money owed after the Clintons set up shop there during the primary battle. The Obama people, on track and flush, have paid their debts.

Who indeed is the better candidate and person? Who indeed is business-like, responsible and a person of character?

I am almost loath to dignify the latest low in this long-standing, painful battle, but not addressing it seems even more cowardly than what was uttered -- Hillary Clinton's reference to the assassination of Robert Kennedy in June -- as justification for why she should stay in the race.

I admit it. I have never cared for the Clintons. They seemed to run with a pack of scoundrels from the get-go. For all of Bill Clinton's shady shenanigans, his at least seemed transparent and easy to expose contrasted to Hillary's behind-the-scenes maneuvering. They are, in my view, not worthy of trust and certainly not worthy of the presidency a second time.

Yet Democrats have stood by silently and tolerantly as she has twisted everything possible in this current run. Republicans, on the other hand -- many but not all -- have smacked their lips in anticipation, knowing that Hillary is doing their dirtiest work for them.

But this latest crack -- a Freudian slip if ever there was one -- is beyond the pale. The party leadership needs to force the Clintons' hand. She needs out, now. The Clintons and their people cast a shadow on the process, she invokes the spectre of blood and mayhem, and she is no longer in the realm of rational or compassionate understanding. Her greed is transparent; her head is not in a good place.

Maybe certain white people will never vote for Obama, but after this, I can promise that others of us will never ever vote for a Clinton.


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