Sexy, sassy and now the Superbowl: They like us, they really like us

Dateline: Tue 20 May 2008

You know Indianapolis was voted the most sexually satisfied city this spring by Men's Health magazine, yes?

Thanks to my buddy and former Star colleague Bill Benner, who alerted me to this distinction in April. Bill, who now does communications for the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association, also writes about city life on his blog,

But now comes the reeeally big news: we're going to the show. Yep, Indy is going to bust out with fire pits and hand-shaking Hoosiers and an NFL Model Village come February, when the capital city hosts the Superbowl. (Assuming, of course, there's not a strike or some union trouble or whatever the National Football League is fussing about).

Sorry, but I'm enough of a hick to declare this really cool news. In the past, we've ranked as one of the fattest cities -- I believe we were No. 13 a few years back in that bogus Men's Health-we-sell-magazines poll. Then this past year, we got ranked as sexy. Numbah One Sexy City.

But Superbowl puts us in a whole other category. Bang the drums loudly, football fans and others. This is a swell perk.

(But where will all the homeless go? Couldn't the city should just pass out cute Colts stocking caps at all the shelters, and let them do their thing...let a million flowers bloom...and a million fire pits glow?)

Hey, and thanks to actor/crazy man Dennis Hopper who did his part by speaking to the big NFL cheeses in a video; he's the guy promoting the fire pits, food and NFL Village concept. His connection to Indiana? He played an alkie coach in the movie "Hoosiers."

Far out.


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