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Dateline: Thu 08 May 2008

Here's your chance, boys and girls, to go to "work" for the Star's editorial department. No pay, but heck, think of the glory.

A friend passed this on. The Star is soliciting readers to write IN Touch on line commentary. Can I apply? Can Rishawn Biddle apply?

Here's the pitch, from the editorial department's Jane Lictenberg:

"If you're getting this message, that means you're in my electonic mailbox.

"I'm looking for new writers for the IN Touch blog www.indystar.com/intouch).

See more information below. If you know of anyone who is a good writer with strong opinions and knows a fair amount about local, state or national issues, would you ask that person(s) about writing for IN Touch, or give me the contact information and I'll get in touch? I'm looking for people who do not work for city or state government; nor should they be involved in party politics or advocacy roles for specific causes/organizations.

"Thanks for your help,


"Jane Lichtenberg

Community Conversations Coordinator

The Indianapolis Star

307 N. Pennsylvania St.

Indianapolis, IN 46204

(317) 444-6015


About a dozen members of the panel write short articles (about 150 words) on topics of your own choice. We ask that you write at least every couple of weeks, and welcome articles even more often. They will be posted on our web site (see above) and often readers comment on them. When they do, you are welcome to answer their comments but don?t feel obligated to do so.IN Touch also appears each Sunday in the Voices opinion section. Since we usually have more articles than we have space for, I take turns running them. The usual length to write for IN Touch is one year, but if you feel that is too long, you can write for a shorter period. Articles should be sent to intouch@indystar.com

Two more things. You?ll need to come to The Star (307 N. Pennsylvania St.) to have your photo taken (Monday-Friday 10:30 am to 4:30 pm). I?ll need a specific time and date so I can make sure a photographer is available. Also, I?m including a few questions for you to answer. They will be posted on the web site under "contributors" along with your photo.

If you have questions, please feel free to phone me.


Born: (city, year).


Indianapolis resident: (number of years)

Author whose latest book I can?t wait to read:

Best thing about living in Indy:

And the worst:

Columnists I find myself agreeing with most often: "

I think I might go for it. But a twist on the latter answer may sink the deal. Columnists I find myself agreeing with least often? The glad-handing Dennis Ryerson.


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