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Dateline: Wed 07 May 2008

Remember the post about lifer Debbie Bostic retiring on a Friday from the Star, then getting called back into work the next day -- to answer the phones, open mail and perform all those other vital duties?

Yes, it's true. Sad, but true.

However, when Deb learned that her loyalty to her employer had been written about on this blog, she sent the following email to Star staffers. It's worth sharing, if for no other reason, to know that exec editor Dennis Ryerson is now advocating the "no-blog" pledge...which I find particularly delicious and hilarious.

Here's Deb's last will and testament:

"Well, I was not going to send an e-mail -- I wanted to find the perfect card and send it to you all, which I did. But I heard something today which made me want to send an e-mail to clear a few things up.

"First of all, I left the Star because I felt it was time. I wanted to leave on a good note and I wanted a change. I had a good review with Todd Moore, my supervisor, so I was not going to be fired -- was I Todd? -- No, just kidding. But I really love this building, the paper. I may not like some of things that happen around here but I bet you can find that at any company. This company had/has been good to me and I am grateful for that.

"Someone told me that on a certain person's blog it said I was retired on Friday and had to open mail and work on Saturday. That is not true. I always have let my supervisor know that if we are short (and I love having overtime, doesn't everybody), that I would work. My boss always checks with everyone else, (meaning the messenger for whom I was filling in for) before he asks me and had been told *by me* that if he can't find anyone that I am available. I loved doing it because he and Joyce always thanked me for pitching in and helping, and that is what I felt I should do for my team.

"Someone told me that this blog is never factual (which is unfair), but now I believe what the person told me. If you have left the paper and are bitter I am sorry. But move on. But if you are going to state something, please, just the facts, and if you don't know then don't quote them. I am sorry for a lot of things, but working at the Star is not one of them.

"I have felt honored to work among some of the nicest people God ever made. You're giving and caring and you showed me that you cared for me and for that I am grateful and humbled to have received your kindness. Thank you so very much.

"P.S. Dennis I said I would not blog and I won't. But does this mean I

still have a job, since I still have my e-mail?"

I had my email, too, until Mpozi Tolbert died.


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