"Living in some false reality"

Dateline: Fri 02 May 2008

Thanks to the reader who sent the April 30 ABC-TV story regarding Hillary Clinton's posture on Magnequench, a Valparaiso, Ind., factory that moved to China.

"We've got to elect a president next January who's going to remember Magnequench," Clinton told voters in Valparaiso on April 12.

"It seems, however, that when it comes to Magnequench there's quite a bit that Clinton has conveniently forgotten," writes Jake Tapper.

To wit: the plant was sold to the Chinese during the administration of Bill Clinton. A former veep with the company, Andy Albers, says he told the Clinton people the story, but it was ignored by both Hillary and her sidekick Evan Bayh.

"'I told them all the truth, but it didn't go anywhere," Albers told ABC News. "Evan Bayh and Hillary Clinton are living in some false reality here, making all these false accusations.'"

Here's the ABC link if you want to search for the story.



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